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Achievements at a glance

  • Has dedicated entire career to processing innovation

  • Helped found Draiswerke, Inc. for North American market

  • Guided the spin-off of the company from its Germany-based parent

  • Wholly acquired the business in 2004

  • Oversaw Draiswerke's sale to Buhler Group

  • Founded DUSATEC to acquire key processing technologies

Gisbert Schall, President


  • Thought leader in processing technology
  • Former founder and owner of Draiswerke, Inc.
  • Globally recognized industry expert
  • Focused on innovation for customers

Gisbert Schall is president and majority shareholder of DUSATEC, Inc. and is a thought leader in the industrial processing industry with decades of experience.

After completing his education in mechanical/process engineering, he began his career at Draiswerke GmbH, a subsidiary of the W&P Group (now Coperion ). While working at the company’s R&D/customer process application department, he became involved in product sales for the company’s EMEA region.

After excelling in sales, he was charged with establishing a subsidiary operation in North America that became the wholly owned Draiswerke, Inc. with headquarters in Mahwah, New Jersey. When the company was spun off from its Germany-based parent in late 1988, Gisbert became a minority shareholder in Draiswerke, Inc. In 2004, he acquired the remaining shares from the Werner family and continued on as president.

In December 2010, he sold Draiswerke, Inc. to Buhler Group of Switzerland, remaining as president until his retirement in June 2011.

In October 2012, under the leadership of Gisbert, Dusatec negotiated the acquisition of certain process equipment lines of the Draiswerke, Inc. business that did not fall into Buhler’s strategic product portfolio. These products included the entire lines of batch and continuous Turbulent™ mixers/reactors/dryers and Superflushers™; the high-flow continuous mixing systems K-TT, K-TTP; and the Gelimat™ ultrahigh-speed thermokinetic mixing/compounding technology (batch and semi-continuous).

Gisbert continues to lead Dusatec with an emphasis on continuous efficiency improvements driven by market demand for ever-improving technology. He has made innovation the key priority in Dusatec’s approach to developing new products in close cooperation with customers.

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